Built-in Furniture

The vast experience of the Signature Cuisines A.C. team allows it to tackle your boldest projects. Discover all of what we can do, beyond your kitchen or your bathroom, to transform your home into a living space combining functionality and elegance; a space that entirely reflects your image.

Discover the Full Extent of our Expertise


Over the years, the clothes and accessories storage has reached another level, well beyond the simple traditional wardrobe. Signature Cuisines A.C. can make your craziest dreams come true by turning this space into a new room of unsurpassed functionality.


So you want to transform a room so that it becomes more practical and comfortable? Signature Cuisines A.C. can meet all your needs.

*Photo: project realized in collaboration with Berthiaume Design and Manero Construction

Wall Finishing

All the rooms in your home deserve a distinctive finish integrating different elements such as a fireplace, entertainment units, bookcase, and more. Find out what our designers can create for you.