Our company

Who Are We?

Since 1974, Signature Cuisines A.C. has been specialized in the manufacturing and installing of high-end kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as built-in furniture for new residences and home renovation.

Our factory has one of the most impressive teams of true cabinetmakers; we are experts in carpentry and workmanship. Attention to details and pride in taking the time to do things well are part of our culture. Connoisseurs know how to recognize A.C. quality.

Livingchy International Group Member

The Signature Cuisines A.C. team is part of the great Groupe Livingchy International family, a conglomerate born and rooted in the big region of Quebec, which has been able to stand out beyond our borders and gather together many players in the regional furniture and cabinetmaking industry.

Why Signature Cuisines A.C.?

The versatility of our designers

The extensive expertise of Signature Cuisines A.C. in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchen cabinet and of furnishing solutions enables us to answer of your every need. We custom design furniture, utilities and accessories to modify, enhance and rejuvenate a space in your home. Whether it's to decorate a fireplace or an audio system, to create a walk-in wardrobe or office, our designers will surprise you with outstanding solutions.

Remarkable expertise

Our mission is to create a unique design for every project we undertake, one that is of superior quality and reflects the style of its owner. Over the years, the expertise of our team has made Signature Cuisines A.C. a leader whose reputation for quality and excellence is recognized by both industry professionals and the general public.

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A Personalized Experience

By choosing Signature Cuisines A.C., you are choosing a personalized, high-end, most enjoyable experience. You will be entitled to professional supervision by a trusted team throughout the process: from the first meeting to after-sales service, including the customization stage of your project, production, delivery and professional installation.