Classic Kitchen

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A traditional style incorporating several noble materials, as well as details like mouldings and built-ins. Symmetrical lines of the décor recall the charming kitchens of yesteryear.

Use of Noble Materials

So-called noble or natural materials, such as wood or stone, are always present in this style of kitchen. Commonly seen are dovetail assembled wooden drawers with hidden slides for a more sophisticated look.


The harmony of volumes and proportions is an important rule of classic design. A balance of all décor elements provides the symmetry that characterizes a classic environment.


To properly integrate a kitchen into the architecture of a home, paneling and mouldings are used to accent the walls. Subtle details that bring that extra touch of refinement found in the classic style.

Other styles


In tune with the times, the contemporary style is simple, sleek, chic, and functional.

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Inspired by European design, this ultra-minimalist style unites light and modern materials.

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