Modern Kitchen

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A minimalist style inspired by European design. With a focus on restraint, this setting offers smooth textures and clean lines. A purified look where light plays an important role.

Minimalist spirit

Imbued with great restraint, this style finds its character in its details and purity. Let light do its work, and add as few accessories as possible. Purify the space to showcase only modern, sophisticated high-end materials.

Straight lines

Cabinet handles are often absent to achieve smooth and sleek surfaces. This style focuses on right angles and clean-cut sinuous curves and lines. Architecture reaches sublime levels with discreet lighting and an integrated décor.

Neutral tones

The use of more neutral colours, like white, grey, or taupe, is another great feature of the modern style. These tones are found throughout the room in the choice of fabrics and materials.

Other styles


A harmonious blend of colours and rich textures resulting in elegance and refinement.

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In tune with the times, the contemporary style is simple, sleek, chic, and functional.

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